Senior UX Design Manager at Accellion Kiteworks
12+ years of experience on technical teams around the World
Former Product at Tuenti (Telefonica)

Secure File Sharing on Kiteworks Web Client

Senior UX Design Manager (2021)

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Secure Shared Mailbox on Kiteworks Web Client

Senior UX Design Manager (2021)

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Kiteworks Secure Shared Mailbox serves as an extension of MS Exchange Shared Mailbox, enabling a group of users to send and receive Secure Messages while maintining the traceability for future audits.

I led the Design Team on the design and development on this feature.

Accellion Kiteworks Outlook Plugin 2.0

Senior UX Design Manager (2019-2021)

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Kiteworks for Outlook is plugin that integrates with Outlook Desktop to send and receive secure messages in a seamless way. I led the Design Team and collaborated with PMs and SEs to redesign the old service, bringing consistency and a trusted environment when sharing sensitive information.

↓↓↓Once upon a time...before Accellion Kiteworks ↓↓↓

SecretRoomz Niche Blog

Founder & Product (2017)

SecretRoomz is an affiliate content site that offers a personal curation of home decor products.
In this solo project, I designed and built a responsive Wordpress+e-commerce platform focusing on process efficiency and content monetization.

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UX Consultant (2018)

Makernet is a nonprofit that provides with free management software to maker spaces.
Our team revamped their entire offering into a single website that was comprehensive, cohesive and scalable.


Project Manager (2016)

Karumi is a small dedicated software studio located in Madrid.
In collaboration with Kulturspace (Berlin), I helped them bring to life their corporate site.


Product Manager (2012-2013)

Tuenti was the main Facebook competitor in Spain.
As part of the product team, I helped them transition from a social network to a virtual mobile operator, after being acquired by Telefonica in 2011.